Saturday, February 13, 2010



Thursday, December 10, 2009

when everything's started to shut down

here i am wondering, guessing, presumption, deducing, estimating, presuming and literally convincing myself either should i start forecasting my prospects and vista now or either wise.

my life are getting back to its inventive and unique silhouette and texture.

filled with happiness, glee's, melancholy, despondent, and implicated sentiment.

one voice murmurs me and almost sounded like a shriek and told me that i should re-arranged everything back again. another said that u have everything that you need and nothing else could i had anymore.

therefore, i will be leaving this page anytime soon after my (this) last post. apparently, a train hit me and makes me realized how avid and fanatical i am to writing.

hence, i will build another new page and a concealed one and much more expressive about my passions and fervor. i will be posting my new url here and shall see ya'll soon. adios!